Clash Of Clans Manager

Have you ever wondered how much (gold, elixr or actual money) it would take to max out all troops, buildings, etc. at your current town hall level? I stumbled upon this nifty iOS app that will let you do that and some more! The application is free in the app store. Here are some app screenshots:

cocmanager1 cocmanager2


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Black List

The Black ListHere is a black list of Clash Of Clan players that are NOT allowed in this clan. Please refer to this list before accepting a request. This list will grow. Please let me know if there are any other players that need to be added to this list. This list is intended to not just help us, but also other clans who might be viewing our site. Here’s the list:

  • sturla
  • 5oM3bodY
  • azsweet823
  • Kevin
  • DHM

Troops Calculator

Have you ever wondered if you’re making the best use of time when you’re training troops? Let me walk you through a scenario. If your army camps can hold a maximum of 200 troops, and you know you want to train 44 Archers, 128 Goblins, 4 Giants and 4 WallBreakers (Total 200), how would you distribute the training among 4 of your barrracks? What is the least amount of time it would take to train all 200 troops? Some of you may already know the answer to this, but there is a tool to find out! Go to Clash Calc — Troops and Spells Cost Calculator/Time Planner for Clash of Clans. Go ahead and try it out. Plug in the numbers in this example on the website and see what it does. There are many more tools out there, but I like this one better. Know of some better tools, reply to this post and let us know 🙂


Base Design Questions?

Lets face it… We’ve all struggled at some point or the other with our base design. Well… No more struggling! There is a solution for that. If you’re having trouble with the way your base is designed and would like some help with changing your base layout, head over to Clash of Clans Builder. There are tons of designs to choose from. Let us know if you have better sites for base design ideas.