Clash Of Clans Manager

Have you ever wondered how much (gold, elixr or actual money) it would take to max out all troops, buildings, etc. at your current town hall level? I stumbled upon this nifty iOS app that will let you do that and some more! The application is free in the app store. Here are some app screenshots:

cocmanager1 cocmanager2


Want to know my stats? Read further…

Here’s some interesting statistics about my base.

  • At TH level 8, my village is maxed out at 78%. I still have another 22% of upgrades left!
  • If I would like to max out my TH level 8 village today by spending actual money, I would have to spend $617.54 for gems that would cover the 22% of upgrades left
  • If someone starts playing the game today and would like to be at my level right away, they would have to spend $2013.18 for gems

Lets us know some of your stats by replying to this post 😉



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