The Beginning

How did it all start?

bkThis site is a dedication to our original Clan Leader Austin! Hopefully Austin will stumble upon this site some day and be proud of this clan. Austin started this clan because he was a bit frustrated with the way things were going in the old clan. A few of us decided to go along with Austin, and here we are. A clan with 18000+ trophies filled with members who are willing to help each other. As of this post in November of 2013, this clan has been in existence for almost 2+ years and will continue to grow strong! A lot of you may wonder why WatersFollow as the name? Well… Austin messed up on a few other names and was running out of time to create a new clan. I asked him why WatersFollow? His response was that he visions this clan to keep flowing like the Waters in the ocean and hopes that a lot of members will continue to Follow the path. Austin is a really good kid. He decided one day that he would leave the clan and let some of us take over so that he could focus on his career. We all wish Austin good luck and success in his career and hope that he stops by WatersFollow to say hello to all!


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