The Clan

WF-CastleThis is the official site of the WatersFollow Clan. We have members from all over the world! This site will be used as a communication tool for all members. Stop by here every once in a while to read/look at some exciting stuff. We hope to be able to post some videos of our famous raids. This is just the beginning!

Our Leaders

Unlike other clans, this clan is unique! We have four leaders that rotate shifts. That’s done to ensure that our clan is protected from any elders that may decide to go wild on a kicking spree! Here are our leaders:

queenShe is none other than our very own her highness Hellfire-ss. You can mess with Hell because she will and I mean it… she will unlease HELL on you. The other three leaders just have a title. HELL runs the show in this clan! 

pekkaOur next leader is none other than the one and only Ammar23Q. Want to know who joined when and who has been slacking? Talk to Ammar23Q because he doesn’t sleep. He clashes all day long! This clan is incomplete without him!


This is big boy Mateus Greateus. Yeah… he goes by Mat and thinks he’s MatMan, But he’s really is a mean giant! Don’t mess with the MatMan. If you mess with him, he goes to our Queen Hellfire-ss. And, you know what happens when you mess with HELL!


Call him Fly… call him Super… call him SuperFly. He is harmless, and the best leader in this group. Yeah.. He loves bragging about myself and he bribed me to write this… If you have trouble with any of the other leaders, talk to him and he’ll help you out!

Our Elders

  1. Jack@Kid
  2. cathyKim65
  3. Noah The Great
  4. Handsome_so
  5. pRacRafff
  6. Slaughtcock
  7. thiankoon
  8. Devyn
  9. Discotech2
  10. cRaigwils
  11. -:-bozkurt-:-
  12. eastwood
  13. packres
  14. asswhoopin
  15. Rondl
  16. joeycat504
  17. destruction
  18. Acidz Creek
  19. TappinAss
  21. Besko
  22. ben
  23. grit grind
  24. carter
  25. luni_g
  26. Palmer
  27. jill15marie

Other Members

  1. zackx
  2. RolltideRollson
  3. sgt wiNNeR….
  4. 145storm
  5. SCHMeNdRiK
  6. powNed
  7. Waldo;D
  8. tHeiRaqikiNg
  9. aWesoMeandY7
  10. MaRSHMalo
  11. tft
  12. ERiC
  13. duqjbdWHqkjWHeH
  14. sas
  15. DHM
  16. Joe world war 9

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